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Voice same as slide, play along with animation is sent to the partner and to the First Approver of the deal. Deal Status. Click the Quote tab to create the Quote. Voice same as slide, play along with animation Click the checkbox to select the same Buy Method for all lines. Click Change Options to view and add optional items for this line. When the Buy Method is a distributor, Discount details must come from the distributor directly. When the Buy Method is Cisco, Discounts display. For Cisco fulfilled Items.

Click Save and Continue to submit the Quote to Cisco! When ready to submit the deal to Cisco, click Submit Quote for Approval. Voice same as slide, play along with animation is sent to the partner and to the Approver of the deal. Revise the Quote Partner Partners can revise their own quotes. Read the Reopen Quote Message and click 1. Click Edit This Quote. Upon approval of these changes by Cisco, a modification to a Buy Method cancels or modifies the initial Distribution Authorization ID and creates a new one for the new distributor.

Core Training – Registering a Cisco Deal in CCW

Use this feature to erase all modifications. The Quote is in Re-Opened status and must be submitted and approved by Cisco even if Modifications are not made to the Quote.

Click Review and Submit to submit the revised Quote for Approval by Cisco will be sent to you when the Approval process is completed by Cisco. Approval in Progress Cisco is reviewing the Quote. Approved Place Order Deal is approved — you can place your order. Reopened Re-submit Deal Configuration revised by partner; resubmit for approval. Ordered Orders are being placed against deal; placed all before deal expires.

Closed All items on the Deal have been consumed; deal is no longer active. Rejected Deal has been rejected - no longer active. Expired Deal is Expired - no longer active. Click View All.

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Click Share. Click the checkbox to share all Deals shown on the page.

Registering an OIP Deal in CCW

Click Share Deal to designate those with whom you wish to share the Deal. Define the deals you wish to report by selecting Show and Filter by Deal Status criteria. Click Search Click Download List for an Excel report of deal information columns as shown here on the home page. Click Generate Report for a detailed report with over fifty columns of information. Logout Thank you for partnering with Cisco.


Cisco CCW configuration

When finished with this session using Cisco Commerce Workspace, close your browser window. Thank you for partnering with Cisco. Good Selling! Use Cisco Commerce Workspace to organize your configurations and then submit for Approval Wishing you great success with Cisco Commerce Workspace Contact your Channel Account Manager or a local support team for more information and training Five Steps in 5 Minutes Close deals faster, more easily, more often! Start a Quote: Input deal amounts and review the available lease options 2. All rights reserved. Course acronym vx.

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This basic tutorial will take vendors step by step through the RFQ process. The tutorial will also point out many of the exciting new. Lloyd May Blogs 5 Managing.

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Step 1 Lead Notifications Dear Partner, New leads have been assigned to your organization based on customer preference and are available for you. Similar presentations.

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Upload Log in. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Cisco Commerce Software Subscriptions and Services CCW- R Quote, order, and manage your service contracts and software subscriptions Choose the entry below that describes your purchase path. CCW- R is a critical element of Cisco' s Unified Commerce Experience UCE strategy to provide one Cisco Commerce platform with a consistent user experience for all Cisco transactions by adding service renewals and software subscriptions to the platform where. The main objective of CCW- R is to provide a holistic purchasing experience through which customers will order all products and services from Cisco.

Cisco' s Product Support Services are for- fee services from Cisco, which not only shows knowledge of lifecycle information but also provides protection and support coverage for the network, including TAC access, OS updates and more. I' m not able to get into my Cisco Commerce site to. If you update your Cisco.

Cisco commerce software subscriptions and services ccw r What if you could transact all of your Cisco business — products, services and software, both new orders and renewals — on a single platform? Com IDs that are associated with the device and contract. Personal Data Processing.

Wednesdays: Register Fridays: Register.

TMD: Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Training Invitation

Buy Directly from Cisco Configure, price, and order Cisco products, software, and services. Cisco has been working to improve the ordering capabilities for software subscriptions and service contracts by integrating that business into CCW. Streamline service sales and renewals with CCW- R. As of October, our partners now have one tool for quoting, configuring and ordering Cisco products, software and services. To order a Plus perpetual license, start by choosing L- AC. Some users may not be entitled to view detailed information about Warranty or Service Contracts.

Also explore how to add and share configurations with Tech Data. All AutoQuotes are automatically pre- validated with Cisco and can be delivered to resellers electronically, via email, days in advance of service expiration. Cisco Commerce Workspace Renewals CCW- R makes it easier than ever to generate quotes and order new or renewal services and software subscriptions— and even create service contracts.

Farooq Khalil 8, views. Instead of utilizing a completely different platform, partners will be able to buy new and renew all in one place. CCW- R provides a simplified user experience, speed and automation. CCW- R allows partners to transact all Cisco product, service and software orders and renewals on one platform with fewer validation.

Subscriptions to paid Services are available on monthly and yearly subscription plans.